Roberts & Associates, CPA

Roberts & Associates, CPA provides a variety of planning and tax services to individuals and businesses. We are known for our accessibility, knowledge, patience and ability to make complex tax concepts understandable to our clients.  Our mission is to give/bring our clients tax peace of mind.  

New clients are accepted only from known referral sources.  The two most important criteria for client acceptance are whether we like you and whether we think we can help you. 

Our Firm

We help our clients make sense of the world, using tax returns as the starting point for the discussion.  Most of our advice is from a tax standpoint, because that is what we specialize in, but the value we bring to the table is in our willingness to listen; our ability to answer "the question behind the words" -- what our clients are truly concerned about, even if they can't articulate that concern themselves; and our desire to help our clients understand as much as they want to understand about their tax and financial situation.


All we do is tax planning and preparation - no financial statements, compilations, reviews, audits, payroll, investment advice, or anything else.  Tax is complex enough without trying to know the rules for other areas.